Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding, Ponies and Travel

Last weekend, I spent Thursday through Sunday in Prineville.  My goddaughter, Brin, got married.  Now, you probably didn't know I had a goddaughter.  I was given the honorary title of Fairy Godmother by Brin, who is Correy's daughter.  There are actually several of us Fairy Godmothers in Brin's life - we all love her very much.  FG Sue made her veil from the wool of one of Correy's sheep, and FG Belinda made her dress. When they announced that they wanted pictures of the new couple with the moms, we FG's all looked at each other and decided they didn't mean us!

My part in the wedding was to deliver Brin in all her gorgeousness to the base of the aisle in the pony cart.

I'm concentrating really hard!
The wedding was outside, and the weather was perfect, after a morning scare.  It was raining Saturday morning, and we were all a little concerned.  By about 9:30, though, it quit, and then for the ceremony, it was just overcast, perfect for pictures.  After the ceremony, the clouds broke up and it was sunny, and the party was on!

I don't really like having my picture taken.  So when a friend was aiming my way, standing with Correy to my right, I stuck out my tongue.  Unfortunately, another "friend" took advantage of another angle and got the shot.  Ok, so it's not my best pose!

We had a great time, as did all of the participants and guests.

I think I've been bitten by the driving bug.  After driving Levi (the pony), I could just picture Annie in harness. She has a a really lovely trot - very elevated action, which shows off the feathers on her lower legs. While she's not as dark as Honey was, she's still a pretty good looking pony. I may try to get her and Prize trained to cart - he's pretty flashy, too!  First, I need to get a harness.  Ok, first I need to start working with Annie and get her used to basic things before the harness parts...

Tomorrow, I'm starting the trip to Reno, via Prineville, to pick up the travel trailer that my dad is giving to me.  It's a 1979, 19.5 ft. Komfort.  It's going to be used as the party pad at sheep shows and the guest house at home.  While in Reno, I'm hoping to get together with all the friends down there, as well as seeing family - too much fun!!


Deb W said...

the pony and cart is SO much cooler than a big foo-foo horse and carriage!

Valerie said...

What fun!! Would love to see more of the veil and the dress....textile junky that I am.

This wedding seems to project the wonderful uniqueness of Brin!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I looks like it was a beautiful wedding!
I wish you could come just a bit further where you're down here, I miss you :(

Mim said...

Looking forward to your visit to Reno!

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

I have a mini-mare I want to teach to pull a cart, but first I have to think about financing harness and cart... dang finances... Enjoy your trip, drive safe, I just heard from a friend on her way to Nevada they hit a bit of snow!

SouthernHeart said...

What a wonderful post! I love the pony cart and what a stylish way to arrive at your wedding! I've been away for the past few weeks visiting children and grandchildren, so I must catch up on back posts!

Dianne (be sure to stop my here - I'm having a fun giveaway this weekend!)

Jody said...

What a lovely way to get to one's wedding :-)
I hate getting my picture taken too!