Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding, Ponies and Travel

Last weekend, I spent Thursday through Sunday in Prineville.  My goddaughter, Brin, got married.  Now, you probably didn't know I had a goddaughter.  I was given the honorary title of Fairy Godmother by Brin, who is Correy's daughter.  There are actually several of us Fairy Godmothers in Brin's life - we all love her very much.  FG Sue made her veil from the wool of one of Correy's sheep, and FG Belinda made her dress. When they announced that they wanted pictures of the new couple with the moms, we FG's all looked at each other and decided they didn't mean us!

My part in the wedding was to deliver Brin in all her gorgeousness to the base of the aisle in the pony cart.

I'm concentrating really hard!
The wedding was outside, and the weather was perfect, after a morning scare.  It was raining Saturday morning, and we were all a little concerned.  By about 9:30, though, it quit, and then for the ceremony, it was just overcast, perfect for pictures.  After the ceremony, the clouds broke up and it was sunny, and the party was on!

I don't really like having my picture taken.  So when a friend was aiming my way, standing with Correy to my right, I stuck out my tongue.  Unfortunately, another "friend" took advantage of another angle and got the shot.  Ok, so it's not my best pose!

We had a great time, as did all of the participants and guests.

I think I've been bitten by the driving bug.  After driving Levi (the pony), I could just picture Annie in harness. She has a a really lovely trot - very elevated action, which shows off the feathers on her lower legs. While she's not as dark as Honey was, she's still a pretty good looking pony. I may try to get her and Prize trained to cart - he's pretty flashy, too!  First, I need to get a harness.  Ok, first I need to start working with Annie and get her used to basic things before the harness parts...

Tomorrow, I'm starting the trip to Reno, via Prineville, to pick up the travel trailer that my dad is giving to me.  It's a 1979, 19.5 ft. Komfort.  It's going to be used as the party pad at sheep shows and the guest house at home.  While in Reno, I'm hoping to get together with all the friends down there, as well as seeing family - too much fun!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

There's a new kid in town...

Once again, I find myself with 2 horses, neither of whom is rideable.  With Kiri pregnant (her udder is developing, so there’s no question now…), she’s out of action.  Annie hasn’t gotten there yet.
Enter Eyes on the Prize.  He’s an 8-9 year old, 14.2 ish, half Arab, half Quarter horse gelding.  He’s been under saddle since he was 2, mainly used in 4-H, so his ground manners are really good.  However, since he’s been a kid’s 4-H horse, he doesn’t know much other than go, stop, trot, lead, pick up feet, etc.  Lateral work will start tonight after work.  He’s been on trails, all over Silver Falls St. Park and other areas near his previous home. He’s pretty laid back, but has a mischievous streak – apparently he picks up tarps and drags them around, or swings them over his head.  He also doesn’t like blankets, and will remove his  and anyone else’s he can reach.  I like this! Michelle accused me of falling for the flashy paint - Not!! 

He needs dental work (wolf teeth that make a bit very painful) and his feet done (hadn’t been done since October… what were they thinking???).  I can ride him with a hackamore (no bit) once I get his feet done.  Hopefully he inherited the Arab feet, which are tough as nails.  If not, I’ll get some boots – they’re cheaper than repeated shoeing.

The funny thing is that Annie chases him, and he lets her (sort of half-heartedly).  She has never been anything but the bottom of the heap in any herd she’s been in.  Now, there is a sparkle in her eye, and an arch in her neck, and there’s a bounce in her step that I haven’t seen before.  She thinks she’s hot stuff… There’s a new-found confidence in this little mare that will be interesting to watch play out.  When Kiri goes over to Correy’s for maternity care/leave, that will leave Annie and Prize at home.  I’m sure that she will think she’s alpha mare, and that we will have to have words, much like Kiri and I did a couple of months ago.  However, I think that once she sees her boundaries take shape, she’ll actually like knowing her place.  I also think it will help her in her training – she won’t be so tentative.

Anyway, I now have a riding horse – and I’m really glad.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is she or isn't she?

When I got Kiri, I was suspicious that she was pregnant (one of those intuitive flashes I get), but then while at Michelle's, she was being such a turd and her back/ovaries were sore, I decided that I was mistaken.

This is a picture from the slaughter lot where I got her:
Note the rather tightish belly line. This was in December.

This is now:

Note the downward sag of her belly.

Equine gestation is 11 months, roughly. Since I don't know when she was bred (before going to the slaughter lot, I'm pretty sure), I have no idea when she's due.  I can tell she's foaled before from the look of her udder/teats (they've been used!).

While this is exciting, it's also very worrisome.  I don't do baby horses. I don't have the time it takes to get them handle-able, and comfortable with humans.  I hadn't bargined on a two-fer!

However, when talking to a friend today about it, we came up with a name for the (very possibly impending) foal - Who's Your Daddy.  It's gender neutral, and the barn name can be anything.

Progress reports will be intermittent, but forthcoming.

Oh, and I've had 88 inches of rain in 6 months. $%(^*$_)(%^*(^

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interesting times

I find it difficult (more than usual, at least) to like my government right now.

Yes, I know Pakistan has not been entirely forthcoming in their dealings with the US. Yes, I know that bin Laden has supposedly been the target for 10 years, and in the name of "getting" him, we've become embroiled in 2 wars, and a number of other skirmishes causing deaths to thousands of our soldiers, and many thousands more of civilians (not counting the "enemy"). While I agree the man was evil, misguided, and caused many, many people to die, but did we have the right to play God or Allah or whomever, in ending his life?
I saw a quote yesterday that said that the intent was not to assassinate him - bullcrap. Yesterday they were saying that he had a weapon.  Today they are admitting that he didn't. Sorry, shooting an unarmed man, whoever he is, is just not right. Capturing him, bringing him to trial (though where in the world could he have gotten a fair trial is a discussion for another day), and dispensing justice is what we're supposed to be about, right?

I understand the thought behind burying him at sea, but didn't they realize that shrines can be made anywhere? Look at our own capitol (D.C., that is). Like that isn't a very large collections of shrines to the memories of our founding fathers and the ideals they stood for?  Followers of this man will find a way to enshrine him for posterity, body or not.

I'm very disillusioned right now.  I worry about our future.  He's not the only one capable of planning heinous acts and finding the willing fanatics to carry them out.  I think we have created a bigger problem than we've solved.

It disgusts me.