Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is she or isn't she?

When I got Kiri, I was suspicious that she was pregnant (one of those intuitive flashes I get), but then while at Michelle's, she was being such a turd and her back/ovaries were sore, I decided that I was mistaken.

This is a picture from the slaughter lot where I got her:
Note the rather tightish belly line. This was in December.

This is now:

Note the downward sag of her belly.

Equine gestation is 11 months, roughly. Since I don't know when she was bred (before going to the slaughter lot, I'm pretty sure), I have no idea when she's due.  I can tell she's foaled before from the look of her udder/teats (they've been used!).

While this is exciting, it's also very worrisome.  I don't do baby horses. I don't have the time it takes to get them handle-able, and comfortable with humans.  I hadn't bargined on a two-fer!

However, when talking to a friend today about it, we came up with a name for the (very possibly impending) foal - Who's Your Daddy.  It's gender neutral, and the barn name can be anything.

Progress reports will be intermittent, but forthcoming.

Oh, and I've had 88 inches of rain in 6 months. $%(^*$_)(%^*(^


Leigh said...

Wow, that is something. Am I supposed to congratulate you or send condolences???? It's exciting really. The rain though, is not.

Valerie said...

Wow...horses multiplying before your very eyes! And why would someone breed her before sending her off to the slaughter lot?

Hope it all works out without too much stress for all of you.

Valerie said...

Hi Laura...Thanks for your comment. Yep, I've been taking Mucinex D 12 hour since the beginning of this viral siege. Am also on Delsyn for cough round the clock.

I'd have gone to the dr. already, but have not had a fever at all....about the only thing I haven't had. ARGH! It is the crud!!