Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interesting times

I find it difficult (more than usual, at least) to like my government right now.

Yes, I know Pakistan has not been entirely forthcoming in their dealings with the US. Yes, I know that bin Laden has supposedly been the target for 10 years, and in the name of "getting" him, we've become embroiled in 2 wars, and a number of other skirmishes causing deaths to thousands of our soldiers, and many thousands more of civilians (not counting the "enemy"). While I agree the man was evil, misguided, and caused many, many people to die, but did we have the right to play God or Allah or whomever, in ending his life?
I saw a quote yesterday that said that the intent was not to assassinate him - bullcrap. Yesterday they were saying that he had a weapon.  Today they are admitting that he didn't. Sorry, shooting an unarmed man, whoever he is, is just not right. Capturing him, bringing him to trial (though where in the world could he have gotten a fair trial is a discussion for another day), and dispensing justice is what we're supposed to be about, right?

I understand the thought behind burying him at sea, but didn't they realize that shrines can be made anywhere? Look at our own capitol (D.C., that is). Like that isn't a very large collections of shrines to the memories of our founding fathers and the ideals they stood for?  Followers of this man will find a way to enshrine him for posterity, body or not.

I'm very disillusioned right now.  I worry about our future.  He's not the only one capable of planning heinous acts and finding the willing fanatics to carry them out.  I think we have created a bigger problem than we've solved.

It disgusts me.

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Mim said...

Amen, I love what you said!