Sunday, October 7, 2012

The three little goats gruff...

I alluded to some new residents a post or two ago. Between Oregon Flock and Fiber, and a Spinning class I taught yesterday, it wasn't convenient to bring them home until today.

I had gotten a load of hay last spring that I was feeding Tang, but it became apparent that it wasn't really good for her or me - it had been baled wet, and was full of dusty mold. I located some more, and asked Correy if she wanted it for her rams, and she did. She came to pick it up the same day I went to get the new hay so it worked out well. We agreed to trade the newbies for the hay (about 2 tons).

Just before Oregon Flock and Fiber, Correy arranged a sheep and goat pool - with enough animals, the buyer from the valley will come over here and pick them up. They use certified scales and the owners are paid by the pound, price is dependent on age and condition. The minimum weight for inclusion is 40 lbs., and after all was said and done, there were 6 goat kids that didn't make that weight. The owners didn't want them back, so Correy brought them home. We were talking on the phone, and she asked me if I wanted some Cabrito (duh, of course). The catch is that they're not ready yet - I have to feed them for a few months before I can have them butchered.

I went over to her house to check them out, and fell in love with this little face:

Initially, I wasn't going to get a doeling (of which she had 3), because I would be tempted to keep her. However, I couldn't resist, and I will be keeping her. She's mostly likely Saanen/Boer cross, which should be good for milk, and producing meat kids. She looks like the Flying Nun, so her name is Bertie (after Sister Bertrille).

The ones I told Correy that I wanted were these two:

They are twin LaManca wethers (which happened the middle of last week). They're nice boys and will grow well, I think.

Tang isn't sure that she likes them, and really doesn't understand why they have a feeder full of hay and she doesn't.
The goat transport device was my car. I remembered that there was a cargo mat from my old jeep at Correy's, which I put in the car trunk. The three of them fit in very nicely, and we hurried home.

All of the turkeys lined up on the fence to check them out, and even the peafowl came to investigate. I'm looking forward to making friends with Bertie (she's already pretty friendly), and gentling the boys so that I can walk up and catch them. I'm not certain if I'll get another doe, or if Bertie and Tang will become housemates. I'll pend that decision for the moment. The plan is to raise a couple of kids for meat, and have milk for cheese.

I really like goat cheese, particularly hard goat cheese. I have friend who's daughter used to have a Grade a goat dairy and make hard and soft cheeses. I'm going to see if I can get her recipes...


Michelle said...

Sweet, lucky little Bertie!

Anonymous said...

She is a cutie. And hopefully you'll have better luck then me getting info on the cheese making front.

Theresa said...

Oh no, she'll be a onsie goat! How sad, I think you should get her another goatie companion. Adorable.
I miss my goats truth be told. How about some mini donkeys Laura? ;)