Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post PTSD Milestone

Yesterday was "World Spin in Public Day." I didn't participate, because Tang had a pony pedicure appointment.

I thought about hauling her over (it was where she used to be boarded) in the trailer for practice, but decided that since it's only about 2.5 miles away, that I would ride her over.

This is a huge step for me. I have not ridden my horse without anyone around since I've owned her. I haven't even contemplated riding out by myself up to this point.

I tacked her up, and got on (yay for mounting blocks), and off we went.

I have mentioned that she's energy conserving... Well if she could have walked any slower, we'd still be out there. She wandered back and forth across the road like a drunkard, looking at everything. She especially was interested in all of the horses that we passed - I think she misses having a close, across the fence, herdmate. She was singularly unfazed by cars/trucks going by very fast. Thankfully, they all moved to the other side of the road (this is the country and they know about horses on the road) to pass.

After her pedicure, we headed back home. She wasn't thrilled about leaving her buddies, but she did, and seemed to know we were going home because she walked a little, teeny-tiny bit faster.

I live off of a private road that is disintegrating. There are potholes in it that would eat my truck. There was a bit more traffic on it when we were going home than when we left. I heard a truck coming up the road behind us, and found a driveway to pull out into to let him by. This is the only thing Tang took issue with. He was pulling an empty boat trailer, which was bouncing around in the potholes and making lots of noise. She flinched and moved a half a step, and then stood, wide-eyed while he passed.

We resumed our quiet amble up the road.

Things are very different on horseback. You can hear the earth breathe, the bugs going about their work, and the wind soughing through the trees. It's lovely, beautiful and very grounding.

I am very thankful for my horse. She is very good for me.


Michelle said...

Now to "take" that good medicine more regularly.... ;-)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I really miss riding, I just don't miss the upkeep...

Anonymous said...

Yay! I know that is a huge milestone for both of you. Glad it went so well, and here's to many more solo adventures!

Theresa said...

What a good girl and bravo to you! Sounds ike you have yourself a very special partner. More pictures! Tang is lovely.

Leigh said...

I agree with Theresa. More pictures! When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was learn to ride. Never did and now I think I'm too old but it we had more room, I'd probably want a horse.