Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of a year

This year has been full of changes for me - for the most part good ones. The ones that weren't have been "character building."

With lambs hitting the ground here (7 at current count, and a couple of "impending" ewes), it's a sign that the new year is coming in. I used to use lambing as an excuse for not traveling in December (until my very bright mother realized that I could change that...). I've missed lambing. Even though these are mostly not my sheep, I still really love it when the lambs arrive - hearing the ewe talk to her lambs as she's giving birth, the first sprawling steps, the little lamb voices, and then the transition from simply following mom, to jumping up and down in place, to, finally, lamb races.

Nothing says Happy New Year to me than lambs!!

Hear's hoping that your new year brings light, warmth and prosperity!


Valerie said...

Hi comment about the silver merino tencel top was eaten by the blogger gremlins. Thanks for posting that though.

I had some of the early merino tencel top...the stuff that came only in a frosty red or frosty blue and I hated it. (In fact I think I sent it to Wanda....eek!) This newer stuff is really lovely, they must be using finer, or softer, tencel.

I'm giving you my email so I can respond to your comments in the future.

vmusselm at hotmail dot com

Michelle said...

Where ARE you this year??? (Well, I know, but maybe your blog readers would also like to know!) ;-)

Ha; my WV is "trail." A good omen?