Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Madness (fiber style)

Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry you don’t take the time to check… I was in a dyeing frenzy this weekend, and thought I’d use some of my remaining Gaywool dye for an 8 oz. chunk of Blueface Leicester/Tussah silk roving. When it came out of the steamer, it looked like this – kind of fugly.

Since I had invested 8 oz. in this fugliness, I thought I’d spin some up so that (hopefully) it would look like something people would buy. I think it works really well! Note the sheen - I really like this stuff!!

Ok, so I learned that the roving needs to be really wet to use the shake and steam method with this dye, otherwise the dye won’t dissolve through the roving.

I also tried spinning the moorit merino/alpaca blend again (see this post). I figured out that the whorl on my wheel was not the one that I was used to using, and once switched, it was really a breeze to spin. Ok, it took me 5 hours to spin and ply 171 yds. (about 1.3 oz), but I must say, it’s rather nice. I was going to sell all this roving, but now I need to keep a bit so that I can have enough for something…
Some of the results of the dyeing frenzy:

Yarn (superwash merino/bamboo)

Various rovings
I have 1.5 lbs. of yarn yet to dye, the above yarn to rewind so the colors get mixed up a bit, labels to make, and… Uh Oh – I think I need a list!!

Also found a wonderful home for the big horse, Chris. He’s going back over the hill to 40 acres, where he may be ridden, or be a BIG pasture ornament. He is a) too tall for me and my $100K knees and b) eats 3 times what one of the ponies or all of the alpacas eat. I will miss his sense of humor, and his general doofyness, but I won't miss the feed bill.  He served a great purpose - got me back on a horse before and after my surgery, and for that I'm grateful - but given the investment in my lower appendages, I need a shorter steed. I’m also hauling a pony over for Correy (a driving project), so I’m hauling the trailer full on the way over. I’m bringing 3 piggies back, but they’ll be riding in a crate in the back of the truck (they’re about 9 wks. old).

This will be a fun weekend at Fiber Market Day in Prineville. It will be good to see old friends, maybe make new ones, and sell some stuff!!


Michelle said...

Were your ears burning? You and I must have been writing posts at the same time. :-)

I really LIKE that dyed fiber in the top photo! I'm sure it will get snatched up. The spun sample is helpful, though. I think that having a spun sample next to ALL the dyed roving is a great idea for the future!

Mim said...

I like all your colors even the fugly (spell check says what?)ones!

Jody said...

What beautiful dyeing and spinning. Your BFL/silk would make a lovely shawl :-)

Leigh said...

The fugly yarn is gorgeous! Actually they all are. But then, I just love color.

Sharon said...

Well shoot. I love them all. I guess I just have to trust that the one I said I want is all cool as the ones I can see. Except the orange`