Monday, January 31, 2011

First Flight

She looks so cute and innocent!

Riding a new horse is kind of like piloting an airplane for the first time. I traveled to Michelle’s house on Sunday, to take my maiden flight on Kiri. Unfortunately, I forgot my girth – fortunately, Michelle had one that worked. Since it was cotton web, and stretches, I walked her around a little before getting on, which is when this picture was taken. (I do wear a helmet when I ride…)

So, I got on, got settled, and Michelle let go of the reins. Kiri hit the eject button, and I was summarily dumped on my butt…

I’m ok. My knees are ok. It’s actually rather nice falling off a horse that’s so close to the ground. I got back on (after putting the halter on over the bridle). Michelle led us around the arena. Every time Kiri got pissy, I made her turn around. By the end of the ride, she was a little better.

As near as I guess, these contributed to her general bad mood:
• She’s suffering from the mare version of PMS, and her ovaries hurt (I was sitting rather near them).
• She didn’t like the girth (it was a little tighter than I usually do it).
• Unlikely, but possible – her teeth hurt (see below)
• Most likely – she was out of sorts being asked to DO something.

Michelle’s husband is an Equine Veterinarian. When I got Kiri, I knew that she was going to need pony orthodontia. Since Rick was home, and had his dental tools there, Kiri got a shot of pillow/blankie/night-night, and had her teeth done. She has what’s called “monkey mouth” – basically an undershot jaw, like a bulldog. Lack of care had caused one of her incisors to grow abnormally long (the rig she’s in simply holds her head up, and her mouth open – pretty slick and totally painless).
After cutting off almost ½ inch spur, and evening up her teeth, it almost looks normal.
This view shows how “off” her jaw is. The last top tooth and the last bottom tooth should be directly opposite each other.

So, we can cross off the third bullet above – no teeth excuses.

The first bullet will be solved by putting the 1” copper pipe back into the stock tank (the copper helps with mares’ cycles), and getting some Mare Magic (raspberry leaf supplement that really works…).

The second bullet will hopefully be mediated by using my girth, which is a little more elastic.

The final bullet will be good for both of us. I’m going to put her into the training surcingle, attach the drive reins, and ground drive her around the pasture. As soon as she’s convinced that stopping is not an option, we’ll be well on our way. I’ll be walking up and down hills with her (great for the muscle tone, and cardio).

I’ll also start riding Chris to get my riding muscles in shape.

I’ve now lost 8.5 lbs!!


Michelle said...

I LOVE ground-driving for training horses! Sounds like you have a good plan, and Miss Kiri is going to have to get with the program whether she wants to or not. Good grief, all three of you are going to be in fantastic shape (she says jealously)!

magnusmog said...

Wonderful horse tooth pics!

The sock pattern on my blog is from
The Cuff Above by Cynthia Guggemos
( aka Baxterknits )and it is called Iris Socks.

Ravelry link here

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I've always liked tall horses, I can completely relate to the short horse fall lol
Glad you're alright!
Congrats on the weight thing! You'll catch up with me in no time :)

Leigh said...

Sounds like quite the adventure for both of you. I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Still, it sounds like things are definitely looking up! I've never seen horses teeth before, very good shots.