Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is my 100th post - How did that happen?

So, in the midst of the coldest weather this season so far, and getting up to no hot water (it's fixed), I contemplated my goals for 2013.

Not to over-exert myself or anything, I decided to ride my horse. I borrowed this from Michelle, who has a tradition of getting on her horse on New Year's Day.

I got Tang tacked up (the throat latch won't buckle because she's too wooly), and used the Passier, which I haven't used in awhile. It's a 1964 model, rather venerable, and slick. I was stuck in the phase where I needed to feel secure, and the Toulouse, being synthetic suede and a deeper seat, seemed to be the ticket. However, I've noticed that she doesn't move as well under saddle as at liberty, and thought I should try the Passier again.

I love this saddle. It's just so comfortable, and it fits Tang perfectly. The panels are very flat, needing to be reflocked, but that's what makes it fit her - her back is like a picnic table.

So, much to Tang's amusement (so long as there were cookies in the offing), we went for a ride around the front field.

 So, since I was riding, I made her do things - like turns on the forehand, which she did both directions. She doesn't do turns on the haunches very well, and while being in the snow probably might have helped, I decided not to push it.

 Tang's pretty much done with this silliness... I was too, by this point. What you can't see, even though it's very sunny and looks warm, is that the wind is blowing, and with the windchill, it's about 10 degrees.

So, one goal has been met. It's good to have achievable goals. My next one is to get the Fiber Room fit for habitation and use. And then I'm going to work on getting the travel trailer turned into the Dye Shed! Oh, and get some work done...


Anonymous said...

Awesome way to start off 2013! Jealous. I did pull totes out of my closet (fiber totes) and am organizing my stash! Fiber Nerds unite!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the first ride of the year! Here's to many more.

Once the tree comes down I will work on getting the fibers organized too. And a loom dressed for bar code towels.

Michelle said...

Look at you!!! I'm so proud of you, and look forward to comparing notes on our red horses many times in 2013.

It was a good thing I had Lance at a stable with a (small) indoor arena nearby; I got to hand walk him and even ride him a little (YAY!). But I couldn't do anything with Horton; my sand arena at home stayed frozen as hard as concrete all day. :-(

Theresa said...

Well happy new year and here's too many more rides. I find looking and thinking about riding in snow much more satisfying than actually doing it. The rides almost make me feel seasick. Of course our snow is so deep I can't even get the gate open right now let alone make an out of shape horse leap through almost 3 foot snow. But dang it was cold. I was hoping for a little solar heating to take some of this white stuff down a few inches.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I hate to say this, but I'm going to anyway; you remind me of a three year old I saw once on an 18 hand horse that was part draft :D Love it! Although it looks rather cold!

SouthernHeart said...

What fun! She's a beautiful horse!