Saturday, December 22, 2012

Welcoming the return of the light

On this, the first full day of winter, I'm looking forward to the increasing day lengths!

I was awakened by the sound of rain/snow on the window. I got up to do chores, and found it snowing with big fat flakes (no rain), and it was accumulating quickly.

There's nothing more delightful than snow dusting the trees. I like the way it just rests on the needles and branches. 

Snow falling on Junipers
The "Lonely Pine"
A small juniper looking rather seasonal

And Tang is also wearing a snow blanket:

She's not really cold - no shivering. Because she was dry when it started, it's clumping on the outer layer of her ample winter coat and not soaking in. This is her usual manner of eating her hay, spreading it out so she can pick out the barley heads first, and then eat the rest.

I'll be snuggling up by the fire today, for sure!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Looks like just the perfect amount of snow to me! We've rather overdone it down here. :)
I love seeing those snow backs and the horses so enjoy moderate amounts of snow and crisp clean air. Does Tang like to look for fresh snow for a good roll? Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy that ever increasing daylight!