Monday, June 6, 2011

Reno and back in 4 days...

Ok, so "normal people don't do that...  But I never said I was normal!

I took Kiri over to Correy's on the 27th, and we left from there Saturday morning, traveling through Klamath Falls, Alturas and into Reno.  It was snowing almost all the way down (not sticking, thankfully), an being drier on the east side, the road was mostly dry, too.  That meant I could actually cruise at 70 mph, which my truck likes, very, very much - I got 17.1 mpg on that leg of the trip (less than one tank of gas from Bend and over 500 miles).

We got to my sister's, who was not home, and went to dinner with my dad, who had beat us by a day coming up from So. Cal. with the trailer.  We went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Golden Flower, where we had War Won Ton Pho, and salad rolls - yum!

Side note:  I'm still not used to the fact that I'm a) allergic to mushrooms (like, epi-pen allergic), and b) they're in everything.  Of course they are in the pho...  I picked mine out and gave them to Correy.  Fortunately, my reaction doesn't set in until about 30 minutes later, by which time we were back at my sister's.  I was feeling a little weird (like my head was full of helium) - oh, and did I mention that I left my epi-pen at home?? - so I took two benedryl.  I haven't reached the stage of being instantly affected, nor do my breathing passages close up quickly, so the benedryl still works.  But if I don't quit forgetting, pretty soon, I'll be in trouble...

On Sunday, we kind of lazed around, went shopping at Borders and Jimmy Beans Wool (yes, I bought yarn), and I made Alpaca shank stew.  Unfortunately, while we were out, my sister and BIL came home, and he turned the crockpot down, so they didn't cook in time, changing dinner plans.  We salvaged them and had them on Monday.

Monday morning, Correy and I went out to Red Rock and visited with Sharon and Mim.  After a tour of the pastures and seeing the sheep and adorable goats, we hung out in the Womb Woom - talking fiber, playing with the dogs and cats, and catching up.  We left in time to meet Allison and Amy at Walden's Coffeehouse for lunch.  What fun - Amy and Allison duelling with their iPads and we were all laughing.  It was really, really good to see all the Reno friends - I miss them.

Got back to my sister's, where we were expecting my niece, Harmony and her husband, Jeff, my nephew, Mackenzie, and his girlfriend, Aubrie. They were all adventurous enough to try the alpaca stew (and loved it...), along with the bbq'd chicken and roasted veggies - it being Memorial Day, bbq-ing was mandatory.

We left early (5:43 am) on Tuesday to wend our way back home, trailer in tow (dang - I forgot to take pictures!!).  We had quartering, cross and headwinds all the way up and still got 11.5 mpg pulling the trailer! After dropping Correy off at her daughter's in Creswell, I got home at 5:30 pm - whew, what a long day!

Everyone at home was very pleased to see me...  I was very glad to sleep in my own bed.

Home again!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I'm glad you had fun, but it really makes me 'reno' sick :(
I miss you, and Mim, and Sharon, and Amy... Wish you could make it to Dixon this year.

Jody said...

Hi Laura...Alpaca shank stew? Made from real alpaca?

SouthernHeart said...

What a neat post! Please be careful with that mushroom allergy! Sometimes, just eating something that bits of them have fallen into (like when you think you've picked them all off) could do it! Sounds like you had a great, fun trip. Gotta catch up on back posts! ;-)