Friday, July 9, 2010

Progress Interrupted...

I got the auger, but fell feeding the turkeys when I got home and sprained my arm to the point that I couldn’t operate the auger. Fortunately, when I called the rental agency, they said bring it back and they’d zero out my account (I love these guys!). I got my arm x-rayed, and there was no break, but I wanted to make sure. So… On the way home, I stopped at my local organic farm (Morning Glory Farm), and got some wonderful cherries. I asked if they would sell me a box, and while they couldn’t right then, they would order me some.

Wednesday I got the call that they were in. I picked them up on the way home – 20+ lbs. of Rainier Cherries. 

So instead of putting stuff in the truck to go to the dump, I pitted cherries. I have a pitter, and it clamps onto my counter with the dishwasher door open.

In the background you can see a partially done seal-a-meal bag, and the seal-a-meal. I love this tool. It sucks out all the air and then seals the bag so there is very little, if any, freezer burn. Since I don’t have time right now to make my special Cherry/Basil Jam, I’ll store them until I do.

I saved some for eating, but they won’t last long!!

I did get the younger auburn turkeys out into the tractor with the bronzes (man are they getting big) this morning before work. It’s been very warm so while it looks like they have algae water, it’s really a vitamin/electrolyte mixture. This frame arrangement is easy to move because it’s light weight – it’s a good thing, too. With that many turkeys in there (about 25) it gets moved 2x a day!

This weekend, I have Tristan (Correy’s future SIL) coming to help me put up some sort of semi-permanent turkey shelter. I have several car canopy/carport tent frames, and plan to use one for their pen for now. I can add the run on with t-posts and wire, and cover the frame with more chicken wire and tarps. That will get them through the winter and be easier for my helpers to feed them all in one place. If you’re interested in building one for yourself, email/comment and I’ll send you the plans.

My chickens are not laying well right now – 2 raised chicks (only 3!), 2 are setting on nests – hopefully they’ll be more productive in the chick department – and two are running around with the roo like valley girls. It’s really fun to watch the roo interact with his kids – he’s very good with them. Of the three, 1 is a dark brahma, the other two are from the late RI red hen. They’re really cute – little reddish chicks with feathers on their feet! I’m hoping that whatever the other two hatch out are dark brahmas – it would be nice to have them reproducing themselves! They’re fast little boogers – I’ll try to get pictures soon.


Purple Fuzzy mittens said...

Ooh! Cherry/Basil Jam sounds marvelous!!

Leigh said...

I'm so busy in the kitchen with tomatoes that I'm behind on my blog reading. I'm so sorry you fell! Bummer. Especially with so much to do. Love the cherry pitter. And the idea of cherry/basil jam is making my mouth water!