Tuesday, June 15, 2010

fun and games!

I am an Echinacea

"You are a health conscious person, both your health and the health of others. You know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around you."

I am an

What Flower
Are You?

For some reason, the code isn't working right - check it out at (what flower are you?)
I saw this on Mim's blog, and thought I'd try it out.  I'm surprised, but glad I didn't turn out to be a flower that I'm allergic to!!
I have a new equine resident - "Uncle" Stryder.  He's 19, 17 h tall (that's 5'8") at the withers, and a really lovely guy.  He's already made Merlin more accepting of my presence.  Best of all, I can ride him, and with knee surgery just under 7 weeks away (OMG!), he's helping me exercise in a manner that I like so I can get my leg strength up beforehand.  In this picture, he's standing next to a 4" fence...
Mim and Becky are arriving at my house tomorrow for the BSG festivities, and Linda and Sharon (and their mates) will be as well, but staying elsewhere.  It occured to Sharon (or was it Linda?) that we will be 2 people short of the full compliment of Wool Hussies - our team at the first annual fiber to shawl competition at CNCH.  We're missing Allison and Amy...
I have supervisory duties over Correy's sheep while they're at the pasture near my house.  Sunday, when I went over to move them to a new paddock, I heard a very strange sound - a high-pitched baaa...  And there was a little gray badger ram lamb following his mom around.  What a surprise!  She had a ram breakout in January (the same ram that's currently in with these ewes), and he caught this yearling.  She's being a good mom, and the lamb is following her very well in the crowd of 20-some ewes, so all is well.  They have been invited to be on display at BSG - it's not often that there are newborn lambs at this time of year for the public to see!  Not a day later, Correy called me - she has a lamb, too - one of her Border Leicesters lambed on pasture over there (Prineville area).  I suggested that we call them Pete and Re-Pete...
The turkeys are doing well, and have stopped dying.  Something was getting into the Auburns and trying to take them out, but couldn't so left the little carcasses for me to find - ugh...  So they got moved into the house.  No more losses!  The Bronzes are getting big - they're a week + older than the Auburns, so they're separate.  I hope to get the Auburns out of the house before Mim and Becky get here! I have an almost complete poultry tractor that I will put at least the bronzes in soon.  If you're interested in the design, shoot me an email, and I can send it to you.
As usual, life is busy, but full! 

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Leigh said...

I'm a canna, but I don't even like cannas!

Sounds like a fun gathering. Wish I could come too, considering that I "know" some of you all!

I'm glad to hear about "Uncle" Stryder, too.